The Office Room

“Come in Meena, with this operation, we can save your husband’s life,” Dr. Murali said, and we entered his room. “But doctor, I have taken loans from everyone and pledged all our jewels everywhere, and the only option left was to take my husband to the Government Hospital,” my mom said. “Sweetheart, Government Hospitals are too risky, your can’t put your husband’s life in jeopardy,” Murali whispered and placed his right hand over my mom’s exposed waist region between her Yellow Chiffon Saree and Matching Yellow blouse, and placed his left hand on her cheek. “Yeah doctor,” She whispered. “I have told you a zillion times not to call me doctor, and to call me Murali,” he said. “Murali, I don’t have money for the operation,” my mom whispered and put her head down. Saying ” don’t worry Meena, I will help,” Murali lifted her chin and gave a peck on her lips and hugged my mom. It gave me an instant hard on, strangely. “It will be expensive Murali,” My mom whispered still hugging him, “that’s okay, but you just have to do me one favor,” Murali said. “What? tell me, I will do anything,” she said. Hugging her tight, he said something to her ear, and she pushed him away, breaking the hug. “No Murali, I can’t, I am sorry,” she said. Okay, I have to attend a patient now, make up your mind, I will be back in 20 minutes,” he said and left the room.

“What favor did he ask Mom?” I asked. She was putting her head down. “Tell me mom, what did he ask?” I said and held my mom’s face and lifted it up. “All men are the same, he says he wants to enjoy me as a favor for saving your dad,” she said. “Relax mom… Lets face it, you are beautiful, you look like yesteryear actress Bhanupriya, obviously Murali would have got tempted and wants to enjoy you,” I said. “I am married, and I am no supposed to do it,” she said. “But we have no other choice to save dad, we have to be smart. Lets do it for dad,” I said. My mom was still silent, saying “say Yes Mom, say yes,” I tickled her waist. “Okay okay, but you must not tell this to anyone,” she said. “Sure, mom. I am so excited to watch Murali enjoy you mom,” I said. “You are not gonna watch it, Cheenu,” she said. “Mom.. please… please… I won’t do anything,” I said. “No Cheenu, what if you get wrong thoughts,” she said. “No mom, I promise,” I said. “You must be a good boy, okay?” she said and pinched my both cheeks.

Saying “Meena, I am starting to fall in love with you dear, see how fast I came back,” Murali entered the room and hugged my mom, and she smiled at him. “What have you decided sweetie,” Murali asked and slowly began pulling her pallu off her shoulder and dropped it down. She did not mind, and Murali was holding her naked waist and feasting his eyes over my mom’s boobs over her yellow blouse. My mom, circling her index finger over his shirt button, “Murali,” she whispered. “Yes Sweetie, tell me” Murali whispered and planted a kiss on her lips. Pushing his lips away gently with her lips, “Murali, why do you like me so much?” she whispered. “Because, you are sweet,” Murali whispered and planted a kiss on her cheek, “mm..” she gently moaned and bit her lips. “Right from the day 1 you came here, my eyes were fixed on you. I think I love you Meena, love you so much,” he whispered and hugged her. What a sight it was for me, my mom’s pallu was on the floor, her arms were wrapped around his neck, and boobs inside her yellow blouse were crushed against Murali’s chest. They were standing still hugging each other, and “hey, Murali, don’t say that,” she whispered and began brushing his hair with her hands. “Why Meena, you don’t like me?” he said breaking the hug and holding her waist. “Its not like that Murali,” my mom said, and Murali grabbed my mom’s Saree pleats which were tugged inside my mom’s petticoat near her navel. Removing my mom’s Saree completely off her body, “Why Meena? Only you can be sweet to me, and I shouldn’t?” Murali asked, leaving her stand only in her yellow blouse and white petticoat. “Murali, don’t say that you love me, please,” she whispered. “Why Meena, why?” Murali said and grabbed her buttocks over her white petticoat, “Mmmm….” she moaned biting her lips and placed her hands over his hands which were grabbing on to her buttocks. “Because I love my husband,” she said and pulled his hands off her buttocks and turned around.

Removing his pant, “Cheenu, can you wait outside?” Murali said, and grabbed my boobs over her yellow blouse from behind. “Mmmm…. ” she moaned, “no, let him…mmm .. stay here,” she managed to utter, as Murali squeezed her boobs over her yellow Saree and unhooked her blouse hooks. As Murali was pulling her yellow blouse off her body exposing her black bra, “No Murali.. No…” she uttered, quickly Murali pulled her blouse till her elbows and left it here, making her hands get locked in her blouse from behind and her boobs in her black bra jutted out. “Wow, look at those boobs,” Murali admired, leaving her in the same tied up position and standing in front of her. “Murali, remove my blouse, it is stuck and I can’t move my hands, please,” she chuckled trying hard to remove her blouse and free her hands. Murali was laughing at her situation, “Cheenu, come here,” Murali called, and saying “Come, touch and feel this,” he grabbed my mom’s both boobs over her Black Bra and began squeezing her boobs, “aaaaaa….mmmmmmm..” she moaned. “Wow, so soft and lovely,” Murali whispered and continued squeezing her boobs, “mmmmmmm….aaaaaaaaaaah…,” she was moaning, “now its you turn Cheenu,” Murali said. “ sweetie no.. don’t listen to Murali, he is trying to spoil you,” she begged. Saying “Spoil him? Making him enjoy these lovely bosoms is spoiling him?” Murali grabbed her boobs again and started squeezing it, “mmmmmm… Muraliii…mmmmmmm…..” she moaned, closing her eyes. Murali quickly held my hands and made me hold my mom’s boobs. I just grabbed my mom’s boobs over her black bra, but did not squeeze it and she quickly opened her eyes, “No Cheenu, you should not do this to mommy, you will hate me later,” she said. “No Mom, I will always love you,” I said squeezing her boobs, “Nooo…nooo.. no…. ” she uttered biting her lips to stop moaning. “How does it feel Cheenu?” Murali asked. “Mmmm….Feels lovely,” I said. “Noooooooo…..” she moaned as I squeezed her boobs. Saying “You wanna taste her boobs?” Murali, placed his left hand over my mom’s bra straps over her right shoulder and tried to pull it off her shoulder, “Muraliiiii… Stop.. stop stop stop…” she screamed.

As he pulled her Bra Strap off her shoulder, making her Bra loose, “That’s it… I have changed my mind, you are not going to enjoy me today. You are not getting inside my panties,” she said. While Murali was removing his dress and getting naked and saying “Why? Because I made your son happy?” I put my hand inside her Bra and pulled out her lovely right breast and straightaway began sucking it. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaha… aaaaaaaaaa…, ” she moaned, “look what you have done, Murali,” she uttered. “Cheenu, one sec,” Murali said and pulled me off my mom, and I took off my clothes and got naked. “You like him?” Murali asked, holding her naked waist. “Yes, but I can’t let him enjoy me,” she said. “Look at him,” Murali said, and the moment, she looked at me naked and stroking my cock watching her, “Noooo… Cheenu … Noo….” she screamed. Murali quickly knelt in front of my mom and hugged my mom’s waist and began kissing her navel, “Mmmmmmmmm….aaaaaaaaaaaa,” she moaned, closing her eyes. Murali began kissing all over her belly, “Oh….. this is torture Murali,….mmmmmmm….” she said moaning. “Stand up please,,mmmm… Stand up please…. I want to tell me something,mmmmm..” she moaned. Giving one kiss on her navel, Murali stood up, “What?” he asked. “Alright, I will let you enjoy me today,” she said and blushed. “Really?” Murali asked. “Cheenu, please remove mommy’s blouse, it is stuck,” she said and I went behind my mom. Desperate to see my mom’s lovely boobs, first I unhooked her bra hooks. “Say that again,” Murali said squeezing my mom’s waist. “I will let you get inside my panties,” she said and blushed. “Really?” Murali exclaimed, and quickly removed her white petticoat knot and her petticoat fell on the floor and her Red Panties came to the full view. “Nooooo…. Murali.. why so hurry,” she screamed. At the same time I removed my mom’s yellow blouse, and grabbed her Black Bra and peeled it off her. The moment Murali inserted his right hand inside her Red Panties and touched her pussy, she quickly pulled his hand out and hugged him tight wrapping her arms around his neck. Murali hugged her back. What a sight it was, my mom was only in her Red Panties, hugging Murali crushing her naked breasts against his chest and Murali began kissing her lips, and she was kissing his lips back. My mom was moaning and they were kissing passionately. I could not control myself from stroking my cock. My mom was sucking his tongue closing her eyes and Murali inserted his hands inside her panties and squeezing her buttocks. Breaking the smooch, she hugged him tight and Murali took his hands from her panties and hugged her back.

“Murali, please send my son out, you have spoilt him enough,” she said. “Why?” he asked. My mom held his right hand and placed it right over her pussy on top of her Red Panties, “You want this?” She asked. “Mmmm… yes Meena, yes…” Murali said, and quickly grabbed her nipples with his lips and began sucking it. “Mmmm…… then you must send my son out,” she moaned and said. All of a sudden, Murali, whose right hand was on top of her Red Panties, slid his hand right inside her panties and touched her pussy. Saying “Oh Meena, you so wet down here,” Murali took his lips off my mom’s boobs, and rubbed her pussy inside her Red Panties. “I know, please send him out,” she said and held Murali’s erect cock and gently stroked it. “You like it Meena?” Murali asked rubbing her pussy, and she was biting her lips and stroking his cock. “First you send him out,” she said. “Mom , please, I will not do anything, I will just watch,” I begged. “Yeah, let him watch,” Murali said. “I don’t trust you Murali,” she said and knelt in front of him holding his cock right near her lips. Saying “are you going to send him out or not?” with a smile on her face, she kissed the tip of Mural’s cock, and circled her lips around the tip. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…..” Murali moaned. “Cheenu go out,” Murali said and as I left watching my mom, she began sucking his cock. “so you like it?” Murali said holding her hair, “Mmmm…. I love it,” she whispered taking her mouth off his cock. Stroking his cock “thank god you sent him out, for a moment, he turned me on,” she said, and continued sucking his cock. “How does it taste?” Murali asked. “Tastes good,” she giggled, and turned around, “Cheenu, what are you waiting for? Go out, ” she said. “Mom, please, can I kiss you on your lips, just once, please,” I begged. “Dont get any ideas, you are getting anything,” she said standing up covering her boobs with her hands. “Please go out Cheenu, ” Murali said and hugged my mom from behind and slid his hand inside her Panties, “Mmmmmmm….. Listen to doctor uncle,” she said and moaned. As I was picking up my clothes to put on and leave, she took one hand off her boobs and put it behind and started stroking his cock as he was rubbing her pussy inside her Panties. “Mmmmm….mmm…..” they both were moaning, and seemed like they were waiting for me to get out and after that Murali would pull my mom’s Panties down and insert his cock inside her pussy and fu@k her. Suddenly, Murali turned her around and started kissing her lips, and she was kissing him back passionately, and I was in no mood to leave and began stroking my cock watching them.

All of a sudden, someone knocked the door, breaking the smooch, Murali pushed my mom under the table, grabbed my mom’s Saree, petticoat, and blouse and threw it behind the sofa, and pushed me under the table along with my mom, and putt on on his shirt, she sat on the seat. “Come in?” he said. “Dr. Kiran and lift mechanic Raju, what brings you here?” Murali said. While doctors Kiran, Raju and Murali were having the conversation, me and my mom were under the table, the table was pretty big and my mom was lying flat and I was lying next to her. I placed my right hand on top of her belly, she looked at me, and as I slid my hand past her navel and towards her Red Panties, “No Cheenu.. No,” she whispered and tried to grab my right hand, and I put it right inside my mom’s Red Panties and touched her wet pussy, my mom slapped my face. “What is that?” Kiran asked. Tapping his thighs, “Too many mosquitoes,” Murali said and continued the conversation. Placing her hand on the cheek where she slapped, “I am sorry Cheenu,” she said and my hand was still on top of her wet pussy inside her Red Panties. “Please take your hand form there Cheenu, mommy is not comfortable,” she whispered almost begging, and placing her left hand over her Red Panties on top of my hand. She was moving her legs uncomfortably, and I quickly began sucking her boobs, and my mom began biting my shoulder to control herself from moaning. She stopped biting for a moment, I stopped rubbing her pussy, and took my mouth off my boobs. “Hey what is wrong with you, I am you mom,” she said looking into my eyes. “Just one kiss mom,” I asked whispering, with my right hand still inside her Red Panties. “No..” she said. “Please mom,” I begged, “Okay, just one kiss and you are going to take your hand from my panties, okay?” she said and I agreed. Taking my hand out of her Red Panties, I rolled and slept on top of her and began kissing her lips, initially she was not cooperating. I quietly spread her legs sleeping on top her her, and hugging her, as I continued kissing her lips, “Murali, haven’t left home?” Kiran asked. “No Kiran, I have a patient to attend,” Murali said. “Mmm… #204 Bed patient ? What a sexy wife, he has got. She looks like actress Bhanupriya,” Kiran said. “She is Meena, my friend,” Murali said. “Everybody in our Hospital ogles at her. Uff… what a butt and boobs she has got. That day I went so close to her lips, and I was so tempted to kiss her lips,” Kiran said and I broke the smooch, “really mom?” I asked. “I did not see that, I was looking a the reports,” she whispered.

“That day was my lucky day sir,” Raju the lift mechanic started narrating. “Yes, tell him everything,” Kiran said. The other day, while she was in the lift, due to technical problem, it got stuck half way through, and me and my partner Arun made a hole on top of the lift, and entered inside. She looked totally scared and sweating profusely. The moment I jumped inside, she quickly hugged me, “Don’t panic madam, we are lift mechanics we are here to save you,” I said and planted a kiss on her cheek. “The rope it not enough, how can we go out,” Arun who was standing on top of the lift yelled. “Don’t worry, we have a got a Saree here, we can get out safely,” I said hugging her, and removed her purple Saree, and threw it at Arun, who was standing on top of the lift. Her Purple blouse and purple petticoat were totally soaked in sweat, “Don’t panic, just listen to us, and we will be out in no time,” I said and moved the stool which was meant for the lift operator who had gone lunch, and made her stand on the stool.

“Stand on the stool madam, Arun will pull you out,” I said, and placing her hands over my shoulders for support, she tried to stand on the stool. Saying “careful,” I held her waist, and somehow she stood up on the stool, her deep navel came right in front of my lips. “Madam, is still scared and nervous?” Arun asked tying her sarree to the rope. Saying “I think she is scared, look how she is sweating,” I wiped all the sweat off her her waist and belly. “Madam’s petticoat, blouse, and everything is soaked in sweat, Arun,” I said and roamed my hands all over her petticoat and placed my hands over her buttocks. Saying “relax Madam,” I planted a kiss on her navel. “Mmm….” she moaned, “its okay, I can manage,” she said. “Madam, is he scaring you? by saying something?” Arun asked. “No no.. he is sweet,” she said as I was placing my hands over her buttocks and lips on her navel. “Raju is very naughty madam, don’t get scared if he saying anything scary” Arun said attaching her Saree to the rope. Saying “Madam, I am a Dracula who eats ladies’ navel,” I said and grabbed her buttocks over her petticoat and began kissing her navel and inserting my tongue inside her navel. “Ouuuah…. ha ha ha… ” she yelped. “Now what?” Arun asked. “He is tickling,” she said. “I am trying hard to pull you out, and you both are playing like kids?” Arun asked. “Shhh… Stop it Raju, Arun is angry,” she said. “Oh Shit..!!” Arun exclaimed. “What Arun?” I asked. “The Saree got cut,” Arun said and began removing his uniform, which is a single-piece jumpsuit, “remove your jumpsuit Raju,” he said. “No, I can’t,” I said. “If you don’t remove and give it to me, we will all be here for hours together. Madam make him understand,” Arun said. She held my face, “Raju, the Saree got cut, Arun is trying to use our clothes are rope attachments, and both of your jumpsuits are strong enough. If you give it to him, he will attach it to the rope,” she said. “But Madam, if I remove my jumpsuit, I will be only be in my underwear,” I said. “No problem, even I am in my underskirt and blouse. It’s not the time to worry about the clothes,” she said. “As you say Madam,” I said and hugged her waist and planted a kiss on her navel, and began removing my jumpsuit and threw at Arun. As Arun was attaching our jumpsuits to the rope, I covered my boner with my hands, and she looked at it and giggled. “Don’t laugh madam,” I said, but she started laughing louder, and extended her hands towards Arun, and Arun gave the jumpsuit which is attached to the rope to her so that she can grab on to it and he will pull her up.

The moment she grabbed the jumpsuit and tried to pull herself up, I grabbed her petticoat knot and loosened it and her sweat soaked purple petticoat fell on the floor, leaving her hanging only in her wet Grey color Panties. “Nooooo…” she screamed. “What… hold on to the jumpsuit tight Madam, you might fall and injure yourself,” Arun said, and somehow she was trying to pull herself up ignoring her petticoat. I quickly grabbed her Grey Panties elastic from both side of her waist and began pulling it down, “No Raju.. No no no no…” she screamed as her Grey Panties went down past her pussy, her thighs, her knees and off her ankles. Waiting for no time, I inserted her middle finger right inside her pussy and began digging it inside. “Aaaaaaaaaah……..nnooooooooo,” She moaned. “Come on, Madam, pull you are almost there,” Arun screamed, and at the same time, I was finger-fuc@king her vigorously, “Aaaaaaaaaha…aaaaaaaaaaa..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. aaaaaaaah,” She was moaning heavily. The moment I spread her legs, and placed my lips on top of her pussy and started sucking her pussy, inserting my tongue deep inside her pussy, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … aaaaaaaaaaaaa” she moaned and came all over my mouth,” as Raju was narrating it, I could not take it anymore, and I grabbed on to my mom’s Red Panties and tried to pull it down, and “No.. Cheenu… No No….” She begged and held her Red Panties. “Uffff….Raju, come after 1 hour,” Murali sent Raju out. “Sorry Kiran, I can’t take it anymore,” Murali screamed and bent down and grabbed my mom’s hand and pulled her out, and in one pull he removed my mom’s Red Panties. He made her rest her hands on the table and jut her buttocks out, and spreading her butt, Murali inserted it cock right inside her pussy and began fu@king her, grabbing her waist. “Aaaaaaaaaahh……. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” she moaned. “Oh My god .. .Murali…., how did you get her,” Kiran exclaimed and looked at me as I stood up, ignoring me, he began undressing. As Murali was drilling my mom’s pussy from behind, Kiran held her hands and pulled her towards him, and she walked with great difficulty with Murali’s cock inside her pussy. “Aaaaaaaaaaaah……aaaaaaaaah…. I am cummming….” Murali moaned, and placed his hand over my mom’s clit and started rubbing is vigorously, “mmmmmmmmm……aaaaaaaaaa,” she was moaning like a school girl. Seeing her in that position, I started masturbating. Murali, rubbing my mom’s clit vigorously, with one final push, Murali thrust his cock deep inside her pussy, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..” he moaned and came inside her and pushed her towards Kiran. Kiran readily hugged my mom naked and they began kissing each other, and Kiran carried her hugging and placed her on the sofa and sleeping on top of my mom, he inserted his cock inside my mom’s pussy. I could not take it anymore, and stroking my cock, I knelt down and inserted my cock inside my mom’s mouth, and shot my entirer load. To my surprise, my mom was sucking my cock, swallowing my cum. “Enjoying, your son’s cum?” Kiran asked, pausing drilling her pussy. My mom smiled at him and turned towards me, “Yes, I love my son,” she said and brought my face to her and kissed my lips. “Come Cheenu, let her enjoy, we will go down and come back,” Mural said and we both put on our clothes, paid the bill and came back. When we entered the room, my mom was putting her Red Panties back and Kiran was helping her put on her Black Bra. “Mom, we payed the bill,” I said and showed the bill, she smiled at us, and began putting her White Petticoat on. “Did you guys enjoy?” Mural asked. “Yeah,” my mom said and laughed and they both got dressed. As we both came out, Raju was entering in, the moment he saw my mom, he hugged her and started kissing her lips, my mom kissed his lips back, “Lets enjoy in the lift,” my mom said and they both smiled and left the OFFICE ROOM.

The End.


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