Arranged marriage to Arranged sharing – A journey

Hello fellow horny people,

Today I will tell the story of my marital life.

this involves how I ended up sharing my new wife with my friends. it started with my room mate and then eventually getting fucked by all of my friends.
But I will start from the beginning. There is twist in the part of how sharing began which I’m sure you will like

let’s start 

My name is Biju and it was that time in my life,my age was catching up. My family was searching suitable girls to get me married. and I was getting some good offers, may be because I was working abroad.

There was this one girl Avi that I particularly liked. so I asked to take the matter forward. soon I was talking with her on the phone and doing video chatting. In the beginning she was not very warm towards me, but I had liked her. she would talk to me and answer my questions but I felt her unwilling attitude.

so one day I asked her if she wanted to get married with me by her own choice or she was being forced. if anything is troubling you let me know I told her.

she became very puzzled and told me nothing was wrong. I asked her if she was in love with someone else. I got a long pause and then she softly said No.

are you sure you have nothing else to tell me. I don’t feel you are as excited as I am if you want I can refuse this relation giving some reason.

she took a long pause and just said hmm. I got a little angry and said I want an answer.

ok she said can I ask you a question am I the first girl you are seeing ….. third …..I said cutting her. you are my second I was almost engaged to the first Guy.
And I was in a relationship during my college days but that was a long time ago I’m over it now.
so what happened to the first guy I asked

Avi: yes that is what I am worried about.

are you still in love with him.

LOVE! she exclaimed no no no I was not in love with him I was just engaged this is an arranged marriage Love comes afterwards.

then what, I shouted…..

Avi: ok ok I’m telling you let me speak.

oh sorry I said can you get to the point quickly the suspense is killing me.

Avi: actually, right now I am enrolled in a two-year course. I had told this to the first guy then we got engaged but when he got an opportunity to go out of the country he wanted me to get married and go with him, his family was also very insisted.
but I wanted to finish my studies, so I said no. then suddenly his father broke off the engagement without any discussion. my parents were very shocked by that. we think that he got some other girl.

that’s not right I said.

Avi: yeah I know, now my parents want me to leave the studies and get married to you. they have even forbidden me from telling you about this. my parents think that we will lose out on a good relation if we wait.

hmm ok, I said after a long pause.

Avi: I’m sorry about my behaviour but I was sad about losing more than one year of my studies. I actually started to like you so I’m planning to give up on the studies but still there is a little bit sadness that about it.

ok but you told me that you are working

Avi: yes I’m working and studying both part time

good you told me about this we can think of something.

Avi: I also feel better now getting this off my chest.

so how much more time is remaining on this course .

Avi:my exam my final exam is in 5 months but the problem is that there are mahurat available only in the next 3 months then we will have to wait for another six months.

so you mean nine months in total.

Avi: yes, it would be December. she said.

what December I said shockingly that would be great because my company have a long break in December. it would be very ideal for me.

After that conversation I had a chat with my parents they will also not very happy with this. they were planning for wedding in a month. I told them it would be difficult for me to get a long leave. Eventually we agreed to have an engagement in a month and wedding after 9 months.

from that day onwards Avi was always happy and chirpy. everyday we talk we came closer and became boulder

The trust between was growing and we were very open to each other.

within a few days our conversation had turned physical. I would praise her looks and she would blush.
one day I tell her how bad I want to kiss her lips and her beauty spot and then she said I know and started blushing even more.
I asked what do you mean I know.
nothing…..she said
come on tell me.
no nothing just…the look in your eyes.
then she tried to change the topic

I had an inkling that this was something related to her college affair, so I dig deeper

I started…..
ohhh okkkk….. I know

Avi: what ….tell me.

no nothing

Avi: come on tell me …pleaseeee

nothing, I think it’s something about your college affair.
and you remembered that.

Avi: NO NO NO…She said defensively

come on you can tell me. I won’t mind listening. I understand expecting a virgin in this age is too much

Avi: NO NO NO…She continued

ok tell me honestly did you have sex

Avi: I am a virgin

really i can’t belive you. tell me I won’t mind

Avi: well ….. I’m a technical virgin

what is that!

Avi: Google it

no no you tell me I want to hear from you

Avi: please i don’t want to talk about this. it’s in the past now. he even married now. who likes to hear about their future wife’s …

I like to hear I said with a smile. I promise it won’t make me angry. just would get to know you more.

After a lot convincing she agreed to tell me. but she said I can’t ask any question just listen to her

Avi: he also used to kiss me when ever he got a chance and he used to move his tongue over my spot while pressing and kissing my chest (boobs). He liked my lips a lot, from that time I have noticed how guys looks at my lips. so when you also said you like my lips I remembered that.

ok so that s what you mean by technical virgin because he kissed you

Avi: NO……………you Google that

oh come you said you will tell me

after some more time grovelling she said

Avi: I have given him oral sex

how many times

Avi: NO questions… agreed….

then the matter was closed there …..only for that day but I managed to bring it up occasionally
I noticed that I used to get turned on by her stories and I think it was titillating for her also. everyday our conversations used to turn sexual where ever it started from. slowly she told me in detail about all the times she had given bj to her boyfriend. we use to talk late into the night. I used to masturbate when she used narrate the story.

soon our conversation had turned back to planning the engagement as the engagement date was nearing

I had planned on 5 day trip. the ceremony was on Sunday the fourth day.
she had taken leave from her office for the 5 days to spend max time with me.
I had told her that she would have to give me a bj everyday.

finally the day arrived my flight landed on Thursday afternoon. Avi and her family had also come to receive me at the airport. As I came out Avi came towards me and hugged me. She got a bit anxious as my flight was delayed. that was our first physical touch.

I took in her aroma while hugging her. i could smell her sweat mixed with her freshly shampooed hair.It was a tight but quick hug,the only thing between us was her ample breasts. 

we separated as i saw our parents walking towards us, they were waiting at other exit gate. I wanted to kiss her there and then, but I controlled. while they waking towards us she was asking me all questions about the flight ,but i was just ogling her from top to bottom. 

she had her hair tied up in a bun. wearing light sleeveless punjabi dress, her bra lines were visible through her dress. A slight cleavage was peaking from the deep neck. her body was shining due to the flim of sweat in the sweltering city heat. and her plump pink lips were just waiting to be…..

[Image: Praneetha+Cool+in+Yellow+Punjabi+Dress+P...283%29.jpg]

then she took me out my trance by shouting ..what say something 
I just replied you are looking hot 
immediately she blushed whilst looking down.

then the parents arrived and after customary hy hello namaste we departed with a plan to meet in the evening. 

That evening was not event full. as we together with our cousins.

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