Adventures of Working Wife

I went to cab n got into back seat, the driver wished me hello I gave him tens smile. Once we got out office campus, he asked me “Madam should we go to ground?” with this question shiver went through my body n I recalled entire previous episode. I was in dilemma whether to go or not so kept mum but the driver again asked me and suddenly came out of my mouth “yes”. We reached ground, as usual it was pitch dark quite away from main road with nothing really insight. I got down to get into the driving seat with Javed, my heartbeat rose. I got in front of him in seat n we started driving, today I was bit tense but the driver was behaving very professionally. He was not even trying to touch me but somehow my mind was on last episode with him.

He was instructing me verbally only without touching and here my body was having waiting for his touch, after some time I pushed my ass little back to touch him. He might have understood about my intensions but still was behaving very professionally. I was trying to suppress my urges but my body wasn’t responding as per my wish and I moved back n sat directly on his cock, still there was no response from him. I got totally uncontrolled n took his hand and placed it on my boobs, he immediately withdrew it n asked me to stop. I stopped the car n literally pushed me out from seat n he too came out of car.

Javed: Madam what are you doing?
Amruta: Why are you behaving this like this, as if you don’t know anything?
Javed: Madam yesterday only you asked me to forget everything what happened between us and now you are behaving like this.

Amruta: Yes but now I feel horny by your touch so.
Javed: Madam Listen carefully, I am not your toy that you will use as per your wish.
Amruta: I am sorry I didn’t mean that.

This was unbelievable that a young sexy married woman was saying sorry to a middle aged ugly fat guy in middle of night at some isolated space. In my wildest dreams I never imagined something like this will ever could happen to me. There are many people including some handsome guys of my office try to hit on me but I never entertained them but here I was getting desperate for this ugly fat bugger. 

I tried to get close to him but suddenly went to back of car n lit his cigarette, I followed him n stood in front of him.

Javed: Madam you rich people have this problem they always think they use poor people like us as per their wish and we have no feelings
Amruta: I am really sorry Javed I never meant that. Please try to understand I am married woman, I was tens that if someone knows then it will ruin my life.

Javed: That’s what I am telling you, go get fucked by your husband don’t come to me. 
Amruta: I am really sorry Javed. Please do whatever you want I won’t say anything to you. 
I didn’t believe that I actually said this to him with little bit tears in my eyes. 
Javed: No not possible and also there won’t be any driving classes from tomorrow, I don’t want to come with you.

Amruta: Javed please don’t so this to me, I am really sorry. I will not say anything but please fulfill my desires.

Javed: So tomorrow again you will msg me n do time pass.
Amruta: No, no I will not say anything trust me. 

Saying this I try to hug him but he stopped me again, I looked in eyes with lust he just smiled while letting out smoke from his mouth.

Javed: Madam you really want to do this? Are you fully sure?
Amruta: yes I am very sure
Javed: Ok but listen I have my conditions, if you agree to them may be we can do.
I was hell happy listening to this n hugged him tightly, but he pushed me aside
Javed: Madam listen to me first, I will tell you conditions you think to it and then tell me if you are ok. 

1.      First I assure you that I won’t create any problem in your life.
2.      I will behave professionally in front of other people here and whenever we two are there I will call you by your name and you will call me Javed ji
3.      You have to obey all my commands and you can’t say no to anything.
4.      I will abuse you, torture you or do whatever I want you are my property.
5.      Most important is I will fuck you as per my wish and not yours.
Now go inside the car in your seat and think on this. If you agree to all of this then come out of the car by removing your top and lose your hairs, when I complete smoking this cigarette not before that.

Saying this he lit another cigarette and turned around with his back towards car. I got into car n started thinking, I was in huge dilemma what to do. I was scared if I agree to his demands he may misuse the same and ruin my life and if I don’t my pussy will remain unsatisfied. My heartbeat was at peak and mind went blank.

What will Amruta do???????????????????

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